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Laser plasmas. Magnetic fields. Michael Seale ; Research advisor: Chris Niemann. Bible and politics. Charles Wade Bibb.

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Popkin in Marsh's Library on July , It was one of the most stimulating events held in the …. As a master's student, working on an entirely different project, I …. Ed Some scholars in the history of ideas have had a growing interest in examining Leibniz's many discussions ofvarious aspects of religion, Christian, Jewish and far eastern.

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The late Giorgio …. Ed This book consists of a significant and valuable reappraisal of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit by a number of outstanding, international Hegel scholars. Key questions and issues ….

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Ed The Cambridge Platonists were defenders of tolerance in the political as well as the moral sphere ; they held that practical j u d g e m e n t came down in the last instance to …. Its most familiar expression is found in the Meditations …. Book Melancholy Duty Foster, S.